Strawberry Brownie Skewers

These strawberry brownie skewers couldn’t be any easier! Seriously. Aren’t skewers the best? You can pretty much throw anything you want on them, and you end up with this wonderful treat. Drizzle them with melted chocolate and magically they become classy enough to serve to people who come over! I love how beautiful this dessert is!

I didn’t serve these to guests because, well, who has time to clean the house well enough to invite guests over!? I did serve these to my kids and they loved them, if that counts for anything?

Not that you need a step by step photo tutorial for this, because I know you are smart enough to figure this out on your own – but start by chopping off the end of the strawberry.  Or slice the strawberry in half, or cut it however the mood strikes you.

You might need to cut your skewers to size, depending on long they are. Spear a strawberry, a bite sized brownie, a large marshmallow and another strawberry onto the skewer. You can make the brownies if you are ambitious – that would be a particularly nice touch if you plan to serve these to guests! Since these were only going to my kids, I stuck with store bought brownies.
Melt some semi-sweet chocolate chips.  I like to use the microwave on a very low setting.
Take a small zip lock bag and turn it almost inside out.  This will help you get the melted chocolate into the bag without making a giant, gooey mess of the bag.  (I’ve been there.)
Cut off a small corner from the zip lock bag.  Be careful, because the chocolate will start oozing out quickly once you cut that hole!

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Strawberry Brownie Skewers

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